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NetApp is one of the world's leading manufacturers of storage systems.

IDC reports on the end of 2010 NetApp is the world market of networked storage systems with a share of second place in excess of 18.9% in petabytes of total storage space delivered, while showing the highest growth rates in the industry.

According to the agency Gartner, NetApp is a technology leader in the category Midrange and HiEnd DiskArray.

In addition to a series of storage systems, FAS, the company also develops and sells a range of specialized products, such as third-party controllers virtualization storage NetApp V-Series.

The flagship product of the company - a family of storage systems, NetApp FAS (Fabric Attached Storage), based on the architecture of its own design and uses a number of patented decisions, such as its own high-performance file system WAFL and other architectural features.

A characteristic feature of the FAS family of products is their compatibility from the youngest to the oldest model, which allows, when necessary, quickly and easily migrate data to carry out an upgrade storage systems, more powerful while retaining all of the data structure and functionality, and implement replication of data between different of power storage systems.

Currently, NetApp storage occupy a significant segment of world market of high-performance SAN (FC and iSCSI) and NAS (NFS and CIFS) data storage systems.